Dear Terry,

I wanted to write a note to thank you for designing the "web" page ad for my company. Since being on-line, I have received an average of 1 to 3 calls per day inquiring about products that I sell. These new potential accounts have come from all over the country as well as a couple from Europe. Recently, I took my first actual order resulting from my ad.

If you have other companies or persons inquiring about your "web" page services, please feel free to list me as a reference or to have anyone call for a personal reference.

Thanks much,

Thomas M. Peebles, Account Executive
Brockton, MA

Babelís Paint & Decorating Store

Vic Babel:

While looking for some real estate property that we could lease for a new Babel's Store location we ran across a piece of property that we liked. One problem, someone had beat us to it by one day and the owners were in negotiation with this other party. The real estate agent thought that our store would be a better operation for the given property but the owners were in NYC and didnít know who Babel's is or what we do.

Perfect opportunity to make use of our website, I thought. I faxed a letter off to NYC with our website address prominently displayed and I told the owners to take a look at us on the Web. Two hours later we received word from NYC, we want Babel's in this property.

How else could we show who we are, what we do and provide the kind of credibility that our website has done for us in a matter of minutes, in another state or another country, for that matter.

Our Thoughts:

This is what itís all about. Your website and your domain name provide you and your business the credibility to others. It gives your business the edge over the competition. This is how the website worked for Vic Babel and one of many ways a website can work for you!

Bill Shea's Corian

Dear Terry,

We have always advertised in the various media and found it to be very successful in the short and long term. It was a natural next step for us to entertain idea's of advertising on the "THE WEB". In our efforts to find someone with the expertise to help us with this we talked with many companies, however we remained skeptical and weren't sure. Somehow Web Wise World Inc. found us and the meeting that followed left us excited at the prospect of designing our web site. We could feel the same excitement and pride we have in our company coming from you and Jack about your company.

We are absolutely delighted with the results and the site looks fantastic. Your attention to detail and designer's touch make it all come together so great. Bill and I would like to thank you for such a great job, the prompt attention to our many questions and all the extremely helpful tips you have given us along the way.

It's such a pleasure to do business with someone who delivers the service they promised. We would recommend you to anyone looking for Web page services and are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Thank you so much,

Bill Shea Jr., President
Susan Mason, Account Executive

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